Best Online Pokies in New Zealand

There are thousands of online pokies to play in the casino world. And as of 2016, the global online gambling market equalled $44 billion, and by 2023, it is estimated to be at $81. Throughout New Zealand, several poky machines are present, but kiwis have always been optimistic about getting to play online pokies.

Playing pokies online (i.e. from your computers, smartphones or tablets) offers all the fun you can experience playing a land-based casino. But with many casino sites and titles out there, it may be difficult for New Zealanders to decide which one to select.

With the help of our casino experts, we have found the best pokies in New Zealand for kiwi players. Therefore, you can start spinning and winning while playing your favourite online pokies. We have also explained how to play pokies, the different types of pokies, and more.

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Online Pokies Casinos New Zealand

New Zealand’s Best Online Pokies

In New Zealand, online gambling is a multi-billion industry, attracting millions of players yearly. Pokie players account for about 46% of the world gambling population, and the number keeps increasing.


Among the innovative and outstanding entertainment products New Zealand offers are the online pokies which you get to play on your favourite gadgets in your comfort zone. All our recommended best casinos to play pokies in New Zealand offer generous bonuses and free spins. Not just that, they accept New Zealand dollars, and kiwi players can play any of the pokies of their choice.

We have provided detailed information before the selection of your best pokies brand so you can perfectly choose. We did this to inform New Zealand what each pokie has to offer. You can play their games anywhere and any time of your choice since you are with your gadgets and have a stable internet connection.

All thanks to technological advancement, which made these possible. Also, the casino game provider and software developers did a fantastic job in getting the online pokies put together for New Zealanders to have fun. These games are very popular and easy to play. No matter your game choice, there is a pokie for you from the categories we have made available. No wonder kiwis love to partake in reel spinning entertainment.

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How to play pokies

Many New Zealanders may be familiar with pokies, but there is usually a lot to learn when playing the game. Learning is a continuous process, even with games. No one strategy works for all players, but each slot is powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG). No matter how long you’ve been playing slots, we advise that you go through these steps before you begin a new pokies game. Our team put these steps together to help kiwis maximize their pokies gameplay.

  • Choose a pokie: deciding on the online pokies to play is the first step. You will find a list of New Zealand best online pokies to choose from. Decide the number of reels and paylines you will like to play. Also, you must select the type of pokie you want.
  • Choose your coins: most pokies use coins to bet on each payline which is as low as NZ$0.01 and high as NZ$10. Choose the right amount before placing your bets.
  • Bet on paylines: depending on the online pokie you choose, paylines can start at one and increase. How many paylines would you like to play? On each payline you select, you bet a coin on each.
  • Activate the paylines: decide on the number of payline you want to activate. The more the active paylines, the more the coin you will spend.
  • Begin spinning: once you’ve completed the steps, you can start spinning the reels by clicking the “spin” button on your console. Watch the reels to know if you won or not. Also, you can use the auto button to automatically run the game or manually spin the reels with the “same bet” button. Endeavour to follow the game rules while changing your bets round.

Best Online Pokies Types

Online pokies types fall into 5 different categories. Although, New Zealanders are aware there are several pokies in online casinos to play. To enable you to know the exact category your pokie falls and the one to look for which will best suit your play style, we decided to list the best online pokies type:

  • 3-reel pokies: 3-reel pokies are the basic pokies with little or no bonus features. It is a favourite pokie at the casinos aimed at people who don’t want all the complexities and different game modes of the modern day casino. They want the features and mode of the traditional day (olden day) slots. Not that these people are out of fashion, but they love how the olden day slots used to be, and if it can be in that form in an online casino, that is what they will gladly play. No wonder the modern 3-reel pokies mimic the traditional one-armed bandit machines (the originator of the pokies game industry).
  • 5-reel pokies: it has more bonus features and paylines. Because it is a modern online pokie present in online casinos, they usually have 5 reels, but some have more. Also, they have many contents, and outstanding graphics features like wild symbols, scatters and free spins.
  • Video pokies: video pokies offer great features like paylines, side games, great graphics, pokies bonus rounds and huge prizes. You can choose video pokies if you are looking to play pokies with bells and whistles features. Video pokies are similar to computer games and have high video graphics.
  • Progressive Jackpots: its gameplay is similar to the 5-reel and 3-reel pokies. It is considered one of the popular pokies present. Progressive pokies have the biggest prizes whose jackpots can worth millions. Several games are usually connected to form a bigger jackpot, and each time a player places a bet, part of the game is transferred to the jackpot pool. The jackpot is won when a player gets the right combination on the pokie machine.
  • 3D Pokies: they have high-quality graphics, which makes the game more fun. Fantastic prices and exciting features are present in the 3D pokies.
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Tips for choosing online pokies in New Zealand

We know that New Zealanders may be confused when it comes to selecting the best online pokies. But it is good if they have some tips to help them properly choose. Here are some of the tips (but not limited to):

  • Game Availability: the variant of games present on New Zealand online pokies will impact its suitability for you. No kiwi player will want to keep playing a particular game over time without testing out new ones. Therefore, finding a New Zealand online pokie operator with varieties of pokies game is important.
  • Software Appearance: a quality graphic interface to mimic a real casino is what video or 3D pokies entail. So, you need to consider the UX outlook, the background appearance, how fast or smooth it is to play? Do they use trusted software providers, etc.? You need to know this for your safety before choosing an online pokie in New Zealand.
  • Device compatibility: always check this out. Does the online pokie allow players to play on desktop or mobile devices? Of course, some online pokies will allow both. Think about what device you have before choosing to play to be sure it is compatible.
  • Customer support: a lot of things could happen while playing an online pokie. We do not want our New Zealand players to be struck at any point in time while gambling. We want everything to be smooth, but something could go wrong with the technology despite our smartness. That is why it is vital to choose an online pokie with 24/7 customer support service to assist players regularly.

Payment Options at Online Pokies

Online pokies banking option refers to the methods available for making financial transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals from your account at a respective online casino. As a Kiwi player, a lot of top pokies banking options are available for your use. Therefore you need not worry as to what deposit method you need to fund your online pokies account.

So, we have eased you from stress by researching and listing out the many available options. So, enjoy a worry-free online pokies gaming experience with the safe, easiest and secure available banking options for kiwis.

Some of the payment options used in online pokies are grouped into:

CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS: most of our recommended New Zealand online pokies accept:

  • VISA: it is one of the popular credit or debit cards we have. These cards are usually linked to your bank account, and you are allowed to make deposits for casino credits and make a withdrawal to return to the source. Several online casinos offer VISA as an online casino banking option for you to select from their credit cards and debit cards options. Upon selection, you will be asked to complete the essential information regarding the card like card number, expiry date, card holder’s name, CVC number, bank name, type of card (pre-paid or virtual). Once you input the correct details and confirmed, you will have the requested amount credited to your casino account.
  • Mastercard or Maestro: same with visa. It belongs to the credit cards and debit cards category.

E-WALLETS: we like to recommend e-wallets for the pokies banking option as the most reliable, fastest and convenient method. It allows you to deposit and withdraw money into your account quickly. Because the transactions on this banking option are 100% safe, fast and free of charge. Because of the additional security measures e-wallets provide, New Zealand casino players mostly preferred it. Some of the acceptable e-wallets include:

  • Neteller: this is one of the oldest e-wallets and offers a free charge service. It is also safe to use as it requires you to provide your banking details upon request. Neteller allows you to deposit and withdraw from your online casino account. You can fund your Neteller account using your regular bank account. It is affiliated to MasterCard’s which implies that you can request a Neteller MasterCard at your convenience. Although, through the Virtual Credit Card (VCC), you can quickly use your Neteller account to make a deposit instantly.
  • Skrill or Moneybookers: it enables you to send and receive money through an email account. Skrill is a free to use e-wallet and signing up is completely free. Your bank account or credit cards can fund it. It allows you to deposit and withdraw funds from your online casino account. Not just that, you can apply for a pre-paid MasterCard and use your Skrill funds to pay at speed point and withdraw funds from an ATM. Some of the benefits of Skrill include:

o   No registration fee

o   Straightforward to use (send and receive payments just with an email address)

o   Instant deposit and payment

o   Worldwide application (support over 20 currencies)

o   Guaranteed privacy (safety of details)

o   Complete security (account prevented against automated login attack)

o   Multiple options (deposit and withdrawal of funds using a credit card, check and bank transfers)

  • Paypal: it is an online e-wallet that allows you to deposit and withdraw money anywhere worldwide. There are only a few PayPal casinos for New Zealand players, but it is one of the popular deposit methods online casinos use to fund your casino account. You can link your Paypal to your bank account to fund your online minimum deposit casino account using debit or credit cards.
  • Ecopayz: it is similar to Neteller. You can also request for Eco card to withdraw funds from an ATM or make payments at a speed point. In an online environment, you can use Ecopayz to send and receive money.

BANK TRANSFER PAYMENTS: it is an improved method of wire transfer service. Bank transfer deposits are usually quick, but some might take more time depending on the bank. Although they are safe, reliable, and widely available in almost all New Zealand casinos, thus making it easy to find a site to play online pokie with a bank transfer deposit.

CRYPTOCURRENCY: it allows for safe and anonymous worldwide money transactions digitally. With the popularity the crypto world is gaining, it has become an acceptable means of payment and withdrawal, even in New Zealand. Although, cryptocurrency is now widely known and many casinos have introduced it because of its higher security measures. Due to this, many of them now offer the option of depositing cryptocurrency.

Some of the acceptable cryptocurrencies include:

  • Bitcoin: it is a popular cryptocurrency for anonymous, extra-secure and untraceable payments in bitcoin casinos. First, you need to sign-up for a bitcoin wallet and might need to exchange your New Zealand dollars for bitcoin on the bitcoin provider platform. After that, you can use your bitcoin to top up your casino account anonymously. In New Zealand online casinos, finding casinos that accept cryptocurrency might be difficult to some extent. It is because casinos are preventing themselves from fraud by using untraceable (cryptocurrency) funds.

PRE-PAID OPTIONS: some kiwi players prefer electronic transfer systems and pre-paid cards compared to the other listed banking options. Pre-paid allows you to completely keep your financial details private, remain anonymous, and protect players’ bankrolls.

They include:

  • POLi: it simply means (Pay Online) POLi is Australia’s online payment solution provider well known among Aussies and Kiwis. No registration is needed to use this method. All you need to do is apply for online banking with a bank you registered an account with. It does not require credit or debit cards or e-wallet, but has a high-security level that guarantees that your money is safe. You cannot use POLi at an online casino for withdrawal (payout). You can only make a deposit.
  • Paysafecard: it gives you the liberty to make money online payments without disclosing your bank or credit card details online. To use your Paysafecard account, you need to deposit your desired amount into your online account.

BANK CHEQUE: some casinos allow bank cheques for depositing and withdrawing, but it is not a popular method.

Customer Service

Good customer service is vital for players in online pokies. There should be many methods to contact customer service and should be regularly available (24/7) to attend to any questions or complaints. The online pokies we recommend for New Zealanders allows them to get a response to their enquiries instantly.

Best Online Pokies in New Zealand

  • How do pokies jackpots work? ✅
    This depends on the jackpot type. Progressive jackpots are the biggest among the other types of jackpots you can win.
  • What is the percentage of pokie payout? ✅
    Usually, online pokies have a payback percentage of around 75% and 99%. Although, this does not apply to how frequently a player can win. An element of randomness usually predicts the outcome for pokies.